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Vicky and Richard plantagogo

Website last updated on 21st April 2014

Plantagogo how far have we come

Jubilee Cottage Nursery was established in 1990 so it will be 23 years this year!!
(we cant believe it)

I (Vicky) grew up on the family nursery A. T Yates & Son in Somerford which have grown plants for over 50 years.
Richard grew up on the family farm just down the road from where I lived.

We decide to started growing plants and set up our little nursery (which it still is only 1 acre).
We had no idea that we would eventually show plants at the most prestigous flower show in the world 'The Chelsea Flower Show' in fact we never would have thought any of the following would happen.

We started attending flower shows in 2000 to promote our new website Internet sales were far from big in those day but we saw an opening.

Our first show was 'Gardeners World 'at the NEC Birmingham where we took a plot in the 'Plant Mall'. After that encouraging start we did lots of other shows outside in the plant plots and malls etc

In 2007 we decided to go into the floral marque to show our plants and hopefully get a few medals to promote our quality plants.

The first RHS show we did was Malvern where we got our first RHS GOLD medal of course we were both surprised and thrilled. That year we got more gold medals!

That spured us on to greater things and in 2009 were invited to show at 'The Chelsea Flower Show' for the first time and won a 'Chelsea Gold' medal I cant tell you how great that felt.
The following year 2010 was golden, we attained Gold at every show we did!
In 2011 we had another RHS golden year too.

Now we can add 2012 to our 'Chelsea Gold medal' tally (great isn't it?) with all Gold medals throughout the year!
We also won best floral marquee exhibit at 'RHS Cardiff Flower Show' in the spring - we hoped it would continue, we worked so hard, both at the shows and on the nursery.
Our hard work and determination paid off as we won Gold at every show we did in 2012 :)

We are thrilled with how well the year went.
We thank you for all your praise and encouragment!
Now we have to hope that we can do it all again in 2013
We will be working very hard (already started!)
Hoping that we have lady luck too as you have to have both!

Our National Collections.

We have been collecting Heuchera, Heuchera and Tiarella for a number of years now purely as a hobby to begin with.
Then it turned into something more when we decided to try and hold The 3 National Collections.
We couldnt help noticing that a number of varieties of these plants were disappearing. As more and more new varieties came onto the market, we could see they would be lost forever!
We have been collecting and collecting, now we have over 430 varieties of Heuchera and growning daily! ( we are going to need a bigger nursery!)
We got our first National Collection of Heucherella approved the day we came back from 'The Chelsea Flower Show' 2009.
We couldnt believe it. What an excellent week.

Then on November 14th 2009 we heard that we had been given National Collection status for our Heuchera collection this just made 2009 an amazing year for us.
We always wanted to hold The National Collections for all three genus as they are closley related it just seemed the right thing to do.

So we were thrilled when at the end of 2011 we recieved the news that we had National Collection stautus for our Tiarellas collection too.
Our 3 National Collections are available to view by appointment only, (due to show commitments etc) and on the 4 open days we hold each year. (see show dates and calender on the tabs on the left hand side bar)
Where you can see and purchase plants from the nursery too.

Some of the rare varieties will be available on the website under 'Heritage collection' on the website.
We will propagate to order if there is something that you want and we dont have it for sale if it is in the collection. (Not if it has a PBR thought) Just ask Vicky or Richard for details about this service.
Many older varieties are only availble from plantagogo.
Some varieties only available in small quantities.

We have our own breeding program too and this year 2013 we have some of our brand new varieties for you to try.

We are constantly looking for new and rare varieties to offer for sale.

We only sell and ship plants that we would like to receive ourselves.

We hope you enjoy the website and enjoy any plants that you purchase from us.

Happy gardening
Vicky and Richard Fox

If you want to know how it all began fully and about our passion for heucheras ask about the talks we do for Gardening clubs and groups or look at the talks section.

We recycle boxes & packaging where we can.
We are now 75% Peat Free & in 2014 we hope to become 100% Peat Free we beleive the product we are using now is as good as peat if not better

Abbreviations etc
(PP) (PBR)means plants protected. Propogation prohibited for sales.
A.G.M. is the award that the RHS award to some plants for outstanding qualities.
New in our catalogue at the side means new to our catalogue not a new variety.
New introduction for 2014 means completly new plant for 2014.

:) means smiley face
lol means laugh out loud

More about plantagogo

  Chelsea GOLD medal winners 2013
Making that 5 Chelsea Golds in a row!!!
Fabulous really pleased :)

4 x Chelsea Gold medallist 2009, 2010, 2011, & 2012.......
2012 has been a totally golden year (medal wise :) )
More coming soon

We did it! We got the 'hat trick' wow!

We are delighted. after such an awful Winter. We are so thrilled.

Thanks to all our friends and family for all their help.
Of course a massive thank you to all our customers for all their encouragement.

TV Coverage

Hope you saw Toby Buckland on the Chelsea TV program. He came to our display and did a piece to camera about the new Heucherella 'Brass Lantern' which got into 'The Top 20 New Plants For Chelsea'. Quite a feat as there were lots a few lovely introductions that didnt make it.
Thank you Toby :)
We also got Heucherella'Solar Power' into The Top 20 Plants For Chelsea' too :)
The winner was Anemone 'Wild Swan' which we will have for sale later in 2012 look under perennials section for that.

CHELSEA GOLD MEDAL WINNERS 2010 The pressure is really on now for 2011 can we make it 3? lets wait and see but I do hope so, we will certainly be giving it our all

Our first ever Chelsea
2009 we have had a GOLD MEDAL award at all shows

Great BigThank You for 2010!
What a year it has been again -
Vicky has been on the telly twice once at Chelsea and again at Hampton Court where the BBC came to visit the nursery for the day. We had a wonderful time with the film crew, and we were thrilled with the piece they did on the Hampton Court program for the BBC. So a big Thank you Guys and Kate. xx
Hope you were all watching?

Medal wise we have attained the highest medal awarded at all the show except for Malvern and Tatton where we got silver and silver gilt so really pleased with the medals this year.
We want to improve on that next year and get 100%like we did in 2009, hard to do but we will try our best.
We have won the most innavative at Cradiff with our 'Easter Egg Hunt' display (photos coming very soon) we used wonderful hand blown glass eggs made by Sarah Cable from St Helens (If you want to know more please ring me for her details)
Then we won the most innavative at Harrogate with the 'Phantom of the Opera' We used my wedding dress which was incidentally 30 years old (yes we have been married for 30 year now and still speaking!)
We used a mask made by Dave Freeman from 'Mill forge' who mades alot of our iron props for us (see 'links' to go to his website) the things Dave makes are fabulous.

We have been very lucky that we have lots of lovely loyal customer that visit us at every show they come to, so a great big thanks for to you all. xx
Also we have lots of lovely loyal customers who order from the website and catalogues and send us the most wonderful comments, please keep them coming it so nice when they come in, reasuring to know how happy you are with the plants we ship to you. So a big thanks to you all.xx

Also thanks for all your fabulous pictures of heucheras and plants you have bought from us we have them all on our wall at home for the open days etc. Please keep them coming.
Great big thanks to you all
We look forward to seeing you all again in 2013

Visiting The Nursery
Viewing at the nursery is by appointment only, please come and visit you are very welcome
Telephone 01270 820335 or email

Talks, Private Group Nursery Visits for Clubs
Due to demand we are now pleased to offer talks and group visits to gardening clubs and groups
Also talks and tours given on the nursery to groups of 10 - 20 please email or ring for details.

New for 2011 - Nursery Workshops
Due to popular demand we have decided to open the nursery for workshops for individuals to join a small group of hopefully new friends or small groups from clubs etc
These will all be priced differently depending on the costs involved etc
In the Spring the dates and events will be posted
Please ring for futher details

Last updated 21st April 2014