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Potting Potting Potting!

We like to give you a peek into our day to day sometimes, so here’s some photos of getting plants ready in-between shows, and our garden.

Pictured above was the 1st run of mail orders ready to be boxed A few more runs were to be boxed before I finished. Thank you you lovely lot for all your orders.

Beautiful view of the sky from Tunnel 4 where the new baby plants are living.

The plants on the left have just been potted and will have to grow a bit before they are ready to go to their new homes. The plants on the right are growing along nicely and will be ready soon. As you can see below we’ve made a start filling in the middle row!

Sales plants almost ready to go out, and ones pictured on the right are ready and have been going out, Heuchera ‘Orange Dream’ and Tiarella ‘Emerald Ellie‘. As we’ve been potting we should be making some new additions to the website over the next couple of weeks.

A few of you have asked about availability of plants, and you can give us your email address to be notified when the specific plant you want is back in stock. On our website, just click on the plant you’d like to buy that isn’t currently in stock. Then enter your name and email address and we will add you to a list that will send you an email when we add more of that variety to our shop. That way you are the first to know and get the chance to purchase!

Availability & fower power of lipstick

This question was asked by
David Roberts

I want to create a front of border edging of Heucheras with a long lasting flower potential. I was thinking of Lipstick.
The area does have some full sun during the day but otherwise semi shade. What would you advise? I am looking for a quantity of about 12 plants. I intend to come to your open day at the end of the month. Will you have these in stock?

Hi David
Lipstick is lovely and flowers well we have these available at the moment.
Another variety for flower power would be ‘Paris’ which we have available too see attached link
They have just come back into stock but they will go quickly!
If you want to collect at the open day just to be sure, which ever variety you choose I would order online, then at the checkout choose delivery feom nursery for click and collect at open day
This way you won’t be disappointed
Hope this helps
Kind regards Vicky
Heuchera ‘Paris’ (391)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Stock availability of gunsmoke

This question was asked by
Sarah S

Please could you tell me if you are likely to have Heucherella ‘Gunsmoke’ in stock any time in autumn 2017?

Many thanks and best wishes,


Hi Sarah
I am afraid we’ve sold out for this year 2017
The closest we have have is cracked ice see below
We only have 5 of those at this present time too
Quite a lot of varieties will come back into stock this month but not the one you want
Kind regards

Heucherella ‘Cracked Ice’ (1223)
Vicky and Richard Fox

Heuchera Snowfire

This question was asked by

Do you have an idea when heuchera Snowfire will be in stock again please?

Hi Jinny
Unless I find some when I am clearing up, odd plants somtimes find their way into the wrong part of the nursery
It will be next spring all being well
If you add yourself to the ‘tell me when ready list’ by clicking the button and adding you email address
I will tell you when ready
Hope this helps
kind regards

Heuchera ‘Snowfire’ (393)
Vicky and Richard Fox

RHS Wisley Flower Show Setup

{Heuchera Red Dress and Tiarella Emerald Ellie}

We are now all set up and ready for RHS Wisley to start this week. We’ve finished our display and the sale plants are all set up to go to their new homes. Here’s a few before and after shots of us putting our display together.

For anyone coming to the show, you can find usĀ on stand no5 near the dahlia marquee on the lawn. For anyone who can’t make it, we’ve got some new plants in the shop that are now ready to go, which you can browse here.