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Tidying up your Heucheras

Now is the time to clean up those old heucheras! I did mine this weekend and while they don’t look great now, they will soon!

Here’s what I do – Get out as much chaff and old leaves as you can, without damaging any new shoots. Make sure to clean off old compost and decomposing leaves around the container.
This lets light into the crown, then the plant can rejuvenate and grow.

Then you need to top dress with compost and a bit of slow release feed mixed in, making sure you don’t bury the crown. Then water with a seaweed based feed to give them a boost it get them growing

Do you do cheap postage for 3 plants ?

This question was asked by
Susi K

Shipping cost seems very high. Do you do free delivery if a certain amount is spent? I am used to free delivery or £3 or £4 . £9.95 seems excessive for 3 small plants.

Many thanks

Hi Susi
No we have a flat rate of 9.95 for any amount
So you could order 100s or just a singke plant if you wanted for the same price
We use a courier most if the time
We do not inflate our plant price so we can do free or cheap postage our plants are the same price at the nursery’ at the shows and online
We send out 1 litre pots most of the time but sometimes we send out 9cm plants never plug plants !
It tells you what size pot to expect when you click through to the plant info
We don’t make profit in packing the plants it’s just to cover all the costs we have to pay
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

Can I order to pick up at Malvern 2018

This question was asked by
Carol S

I want to submit an order to pick up Thursday 10 May at Malvern. How do I do this online? Payment with order online? I am an existing customer having ordered last year.

Can I order heuchera varieties currently shown as out of stock on website?

Thank you Carol Stevens NEWPORT

Hi Carol
You can order on the website as normal.
When you get to the checkout, select ‘collect from nursery or collect from show’ there is a drop down box for this.
You can select to collect from the show of your choice. In your case malvern …if you want to say what day your coming, which is always helpful to us you can add the day in the special notes box.
Anything not available yet you can’t order
You can send a separate email nearer the time to ask if that variety is going to be ready and we will add it to your order and you can pay on collection
Hope this helps
Kind regards
Ps see you at Malvern:-)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Trailing heucheras for in a pot with a fushias?

This question was asked by
David M

I have a 70cm dia barrel with a fuschia in the centre. Can you recommend perhaps 6 heucheras to go around the edge? Ideally, with early flowering and perhaps some trailing over the sides.

Hi David
There are a range of trailing heucherella and tiarella (no trailing heucheras) that would look good with a fushias.
You didn’t say if it was for shade or sun so click into the ‘ more info’ to find out if it for fill sun or part shade
The heucherella should look stunning and all.flower too
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Heucherella ‘Autumn Cascade’ (SKU18256)

Vicky and Richard Fox

plant for part shade and containers

This question was asked by
Megan D

Why do you say that Dicentra “King of Hearts” is not suitable for containers? having only containers in a fairly shady courtyard I was getting excited till I read this. Would appreciate advice on other flowering plants which tolerate light shade.

Hi Megan
The reason I said it wasn’t suitable is because people associate containers with long lasting colour and dicentra king of hearts are mainly a spring/early summer plant they die down quickly as soon as the weather warms up and become dormant.
You can almost plant any of the plants we sell in containers (after all we grow them in a pot )
So if you want to you can no problem.
It’s only a guide not written in stone.
All heuchera, heucherella and tiarella love light shade.
If you put part shade into the search button it should bring up everything that is marked for part shade
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox