RHS Hyde Hall Flower Show 2018

RHS Hyde Hall just seems to grow bigger ever year! It’s much bigger than it used to be, more to see, more to do, and of course more plants to buy! With the heatwave we’ve been having we had fantastic blue skies and heat the whole show.

Lucky for us Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella are drought tolerant plants, they are hardy evergreens and do ok with little water. A little water goes a long way with them and they can withstand dry periods.

We brought along some fabulous Kniphofia as well, “Pineapple popsicle” a vibrant yellow, and “Redhot popsicle” with cinnamon red flowers.

RHS Tatton 2018

We were so busy around RHS Tatton we realised we didn’t even get that many photos! We took this small video of all our show plants getting ready to be planted though. We were pleased to take home a gold for our display as well. All the traffic problems and stress were worth it! It was a great show as always and we can’t wait for next years.

new heucheras not flowering

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Pam M

Hi I have bought some plain green leaved heucheras. They are small, healthy and growing but no sign of flowers on any. They have been in the garden over a month. Do you know why they show no sign of flowering please?

Hi Pam
You didn’t say if they were from us ?
If you only just planted them they might take time to establish some are early flowering, some flower all the time, other flower later
Don’t worry give them time
I’m sure they will flower by next year if not sooner
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

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Plants for Pots

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We are looking for a variety of plants, preferably evergreen, that will live happily in pots and that are happy in full sun for most of the day. We would like them to be either flowering at any season, or to have very attractive foliage all the year round.

Hi jadranka
Heucheras are the answer most have beautiful foliage.
They are happy all their lives in pots
They all flower some for longer periods than others
For full sun you would need to search for plants that are reds,purples,blacks, browns and some oranges and greens (you can check this when you look at the ‘More detail’ bit )
If you need any more info please ask
Hope this helps
Kind regards Vicky

Heuchera ‘Forever Purple’ PBR (SKU18201)

Vicky and Richard Fox

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