Nursery Open days this weekend September 20th-22nd

Join us for our last open days of the season this weekend! Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will open up our doors to you from 10am-4pm. There will be lots of plants to take home and of course as usual, yummy cakes!

Shop around, get some gardening ideas, enjoy refreshments and chats with us and fellow gardeners.

Can’t make it? You can still order the plants you want on our website! We will also be at our last show of the season Malvern Autumn show the 28th and 29th September.

Rarely offered Heucherella ‘Fan Dancer’ now available

The rarely offered Heucherella ‘Fan Dancer’ is now available! There are limited plants available, so if this has been on your list (or it just takes your fancy) then snap it up quickly.

Fabulous large maple shaped foliage with red markings and silver veil very attractive. Great for flower arranging. Large arching stems of pure white tiny star shaped flowers.

Shop on our website here.

How to get rid of Vine Weevil Grubs

Nemasys is a biological vine weevil grub killer. Apply in the evening or dull conditions such as rainfall as soil must be moist before and for at least 2 weeks after application. This size pack pictured does quite a sizeable area, however there are packs for smaller areas as well depending on how much you need.

One application provides control for up to 6 weeks, if you need continues protection, re-apply at this time. It’s super easy to apply and will keep your plants nice and healthy.

Keep unopened packets in the fridge to keep them fresh. They don’t wake up until added to water! We don’t sell these but they are widely available at garden centres and on Amazon if you have a look.

Trailing plants

This question was asked by
C. Harding

Is it a good time to plant trailing Heucherella now for autumn/winter to replace summer annuals now dying off? Can you recommend plants that you have stock of. Many thanks.
Ps. Just received recent order absolutely lovely, thank you

Hi Christine
Pleased you liked your last order
Thanks for letting us know.

Yes now is a good time to plant replacements for summer bedding
We have Heuchererella Redstone falls
The Yellowstone falls which I have attached.
You can put any heuchera in baskets, especially if you mix the trailng and the upright.
Heucherella solar power, red rover and solar eclipse are also good as they cascade, not long trailers like the falls series but they cover baskets well
I hope this helps
Kind regards vicky

Heucherella ‘Yellowstone Falls’ (812)

Heucherella ‘Redstone Falls’ (811)

Heucherella ‘Yellowstone Falls’ (812)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Planting heucheras with Azaleas? Ok?

This question was asked by
Jennifer P

I have planted standard azaleas in planting holes in our patio filled with ericaceous compost. Would it be possible to underplant with heucheras or would they not thrive ?

Hi Jennifer
They would be very happy in acid soil or alkaline they are not fused.
They hate being waterlogged but that’s not an issue for you
So feel free to fill your pots
Happy gardening
Vicky x

Heuchera ‘Fleur’ ( Fox Series) (SKU18314)

Vicky and Richard Fox