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Eileen S

I have a lifelong love of Heuchera because they keep on giving. I was thinking of a Christmas gift to send 10 or 12 plants to my daughter who has just done a makeover of her garden. I wondered if I sent her a Big splash of color such as your brightest reds, and either almost black or vivid lime green what you would advise? I mean are they even ready to plant in December?

Hi Eileen
What a great gift
What about…
Lime Marmalde, Cranberry, Gojiberry, Peach Flambé, Prince, Wild berry, Catching fire,
These look really lovely together
Maybe pop a couple of the same varieties to add continuity
We will ship in December but it does depend on the weather and we stop around the 10th as we worry they might get lost or delayed in the Christmas post
Thanks for your enquiry
Hope this helps

Heuchera ‘Prince’ (464)

Vicky and Richard Fox