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Kay v T

Two or three years ago I took delivery of some of your Heucheras. I was absolutely delighted with both the size and the quality of your lovely plants. Now I would like to order a few more, but so many are out of stock. Could you please tell me when is the best time to look for your plants, in order to find the ones I want in stock. Because of the cost of delivery I really only want to make one order.
Kind Regards
Kay Todman

Hi Kay
Thank you for your enquiry
Pleased you were happy with the plants you had previously from us.
We are potting all the time and new varieties are coming available regularly
These days with so many varieties its hard to have a time when they are all available at once ..our nursery isn’t big enough and there is only 2 of us doing everything!
Quite a lot of varieties will be coming at the end if this month but others will later in summer.
So that’s all I can say to help
I am sorry I can’t be more specific …..plants just grow at their own speed
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox