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A Week of Potting Plants


Lots of potting this week has been keeping us out of mischief! We’re getting ready now for the Southport show taking place the 18th-21st of August.


The Southport show is a great show with loads to see and do. Don’t forget to stop by the floral marquee which is big, the best place to buy plants, and where you will find us. 

All your specialist nurseries will be in there with loads of fabulous plants for you to buy, helping to make your garden amazing! Hope to see some of you there! Follow along on our Facebook page for up to date show photos. 

If you can’t make it to the show, don’t forget you can always order plants from our online shop! All our plants ship in 1 litre pots to give the roots space to develop.

RHS Hampton Court Palace Setup


It’s been a busy last few days as we packed up the van and headed to Hampton Court Palace for their spectacular flower show. This is one of our favourite shows as there’s lots of gorgeous plants on display and for sale in a fabulous setting.



Dibleys strotocarpus looking beautiful in the photo above.


That’s the Plant Heritage up there in the top left photo. This time they are within the floral marquee instead of having their own marquee. Rosy & Rob (Hardys cottage garden plants) are next to us this year as you can see in the bottom right photo above.



Unloading and setting up our plants for our display.



Having a break with a nice cup of coffee and a naughty but nice egg custard!! Would have been rude not to have one really!


Dibleys begonias all waiting to go in their display


We have a lot of lovely sales plants available this year, we had to make a couple trips to bring them all!



Spotted some deer enjoying the grass on the way out of the show grounds one day.




After a few days and a lot of hard work, we’ve finished our display! Now to wait for what the judges say. To find out how we did, make sure you follow along on Facebook where we post all our updates first.

If you are coming to RHS Hampton Court palace for the flower show, don’t forget there are lots of beautiful plants for sale to take home from our stall and many others. Also, please drop by our stand and say hi, we love meeting all of you!

At the Nursery – Getting ready for RHS Chelsea Flower Show


Our own garden is looking lovely this time of year, it’s a shame we don’t get to spend more time in it lately! We’ve been busy potting plants (as you can see in the photo below) and making sure everything is just right for next weeks RHS Chelsea flower show.pg5

Delta Dawn is pictured above, all ready to go into our flower display at Chelsea, and you can see Heuchera Thomas peeking through behind it.pg4

Our nursery plants are coming along nicely, pictured above is Tiarella Skeleton Key looking lovely and we’ve now potted our tiarella Emerald Ellie which should be beautiful by Hampton Court.

Brunnera Golden frost pictured above will soon be coming to our website, so keep an eye out for it!pg3

Geranium Expresso is starting to look good in the nursery now, and this little white flowered plant is Phlox May Breeze which is also coming to the website soon. pg1

All these beauties will be coming with us to the Chelsea Flower show, so we’ve been making sure they are well misted, with Richard ensuring the sprinklers are working when we want them to be!

Our next updates will be from RHS Chelsea Flower show, how quick has that come around! We hope to see some of you there, come find us in the Great Pavilion!

Spring has Sprung at Plantagogo

Our nursery is full of gorgeous new flowers, here are some ideas to brighten up your flower bed!


Corydalis ‘G.P.Baker’

Corydalis ‘G.P.Baker’ has pretty blue/green foliage with bright rich red flowers, with white edges in the spring time. Shop Corydalis here.

podyphyllum collage

Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’

In the spring, as Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’ grows the leaves push up through the soil like closed umbrellas and open out as they emerge. Green base with brown-red spotted marking through to autumn. Bright crimson-red flowers are star shaped and hang beneath the leaves. Shop Podophyllum ‘Spotty Dotty’ here.

Heuchera great for easy to care for gardens

Assorted Heuchera

Heucheras are great for easy care gardens, and come in such a great variety of colours and shapes.

heuchera collage

Heuchera ‘Pear Crisp’ & Heuchera ‘Southern Comfort’

Shop Heuchera ‘Pear Crisp’ here, and Heuchera ‘Southern Comfort’ here.

Heuchera phoebes blush collage

Heuchera ‘Phoebe’s blush’

Our Heuchera ‘Phoebe’s blush’ is named after my Granny Phoebe. This gorgeous plant is really pink in spring on the new foliage and changes through dusky pink, pale green, vanilla and all with a pink blush underside. It also has beautiful pink flowers. Shop Heuchera ‘Phoebe’s blush’ here.

Make sure you share any photos of any plants you get from us on our Facebook page so that we can see their new homes and your gorgeous gardens.

Happy gardening!