Choice of heuchera

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mrs jean graham

My brother has had numerous heuchera from you. I would like 2 heucheras to grow in a tub {not big tub} -this would be south facing. Also 2 heuchera to plant in garden, these would be north facing and in clay soil, which gets boggy if we have a lot of rain. I would much appreciate it if you could advise me, then I could either collect as we are local or pay for delivery. Your help would be really appreciated Thanks

Hi Jean
A great variety for the full sun is heuchera Tangerine wave it goes a really lovely orangy red with pink underside to the foliage and cream flowers . Planted with Heuchera Black Taffeta which has shiny slight ruffled leaves and very pale pink flowers
Two lovely varieties
The other position is not right for heucheras really as they don’t like to be too wet

Hope this helps you
Thank you—villosa-x–Tangerine-Wave—Fox-Series-TM–937.html
Vicky and Richard Fox