How do I take care of Heucheras in containers?

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David Carr

Bearing in mind the problem weevil, can heucheras be successful in a large container as perhaps a one year trial, please? I am a gardener and realise soil and watering are factors. I have a very small garden and have to use planters.
What compost mix is best and presumably spacing not too vital for the one season,.
Thank you any tips most appreciated from experts.

Hi David
Yes heucheras do very well in containers as long as you make sure they get watered and you keep an eye open for vine weevil issues.
If you put the pot on raised feet to ensure free drainage, as water logging can be an issue
Any free draining compost such as John Innes no 3
Spacing doesn’t really matter if it’s a short term project
Dead head to get the best foliage and repeat flowering
Feed with seaweed liquid feed such as seasol
If your keping the heucheras long term …..water with nematodes in August and again in September
In spring take a look for vine weevil grubs and wash roots if you do find any .
Hope this helps

Vicky and Richard Fox