Finding heuchera ‘David’

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jillian cooper


It seems there’s a heuchera out there called ‘David’ which I’d like to find very much.

Any information from the experts please?


Hi Jillian
There is a heuchera called David it was bred by Mary Ramsdon who held the first national collection
She called it after her son David
Her other children also have heucheras named after them and that’s Rachel and Robert
David is a chocolate with white flowers and Robert is chocolate with tall pink flowers
Rachel is glossy chocolate with tall wispy pink flowers
They are all available from us, although Robert and David at the moment have to be grown for you so it would take a few months
We sell Robert and David for £10 each
They are not on the website so you would have to ask if you wanted one growing. Rachel is for sale on the website
Hope this helps

Vicky and Richard Fox