Hanging baskets for Winter colour

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Pat D

I would like to plant up a mixed winter hanging basket to go on my garage wall. It gets the sun (if any) most of the day and I would to know which heucheras would be suitable and what other plants they could mix with. The plants would then go out in the garden next spring. Thanks in advance

Hi Pat
If it’s for a winter basket you could pick any as the sun is not strong if any! as you say.
Trailing varieties that are good and available are Heucherella Redstone Falls and Yellowstone Falls, and Fire Frost
Any can go in baskets, to help them cover the basket (if not trailing varieties) plant them tilting outwards they they grow over more the sides of the basket.
Heucherella Red Rover is lovely and interesting foliage shape too.
Heuchera Can-Can to name a few
Hope this helps
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Heucherella ‘Fire Frost’ (1242)

Heucherella ‘Red Rover’ PBR (SKU18324)

Vicky and Richard Fox