Heuchera for a grave

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Anne K

I should like to plant a grave space with heuchera.
The space is 136cm x 136cm
It faces east, and gets quite a lot of sun, it is reasonably well sheltered, the soil is good and well drained.
The space is boarded by a headstone with a stone border of about 15cm height on the remaining 3 sides.
I should like all year round colourful plants, bee friendly,that will grow over the years and fill the area.
Please could you advise and give prices.

Hi Anne
Thank you for your enquiry
You will need to totally fill the area 16 plants
Go for plants that love full sun
Such as some mid green, red, orange, black, purple stronger leave colour take more sun
Paris green (that one loves the sun or part shade )
Red sea
Tangerine wave,
Forever purple
Metallic shimmer
To give you an idea
The price are on the web
Discounts start at over 100 plants
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Red Sea’ (SKU18249)

Vicky and Richard Fox