Heucheras for a small border 40cm x 2m

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Janet G

I have a small border 2m x 40cm, below a bay window. It gets sun until about 11am then mostly shade.
I have dug out and refilled with loam/John Innes and will be planting through fabric with gravel overlay.
I would like to plant heucheras but not sure which to get.

Hi jan

As it’s in shade for the hottest part of the day but not dark you can choose any you like.
You will need about 6
Some nice varieties are
Forever purple
Forever red
Sweet caroline
Cool dude
Sugar plum
Here are a few suggestions
Hope this helps
Kind regards vicky

Heuchera ‘Sugar Plum’ (735)

Heuchera ‘Sugar Plum’ (735)

Vicky and Richard Fox