Heucherellas in hanging baskets

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J. Stewart


I love your site – so much ‘eye candy’ that gives a lot of food for thought.

I’d like to create a hanging basket composed solely of Redstone Falls, but wondered: how many plants would I require?

I’m looking to make 3 hanging baskets in total – made up of heucheras/ heucherellas and would like suggestions as to those plants which have a natural trailing/ spreading habit, and whether you have them currently in stock.

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Hi Jon
Pleased your enjoying the website
We recommend 3 plants per 12-18 inch basket to look good.
Only tiarella and heucherella are trailing
There are no trailing heucheras sadly, although they are often used in baskets as some have larger leaves that mix well with the heucherella trailing varieties.
Varieties we have in stock that trail are heucherella hot shot, plum cascade, Yellowstone falls, Redstone falls and autumn cascade …all of these look great in baskets
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Heucherella ‘Hot Spot’ (SKU18255)

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