How should I trim back my heucheras?

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– Peter Mcswiggan

should i trim back the heucheras-they areneeding some attention–thank you PETER

Hi Peter
January is not a good month to trim them back.
Wait until you can see fresh growth coming through, usually about March/April time. Then you can trim off the old foliage.
Leaving the foliage on over the winter months will help protect the crown from the winter wet.
If you feel they are going rotten due to being over wet, the best thing to do is to plant them into containers, if already in containers check the drainage.
Many Heuchera look great in containers even if its only to get them away from wet borders in winter, then come the spring when the weather improves you can plant back into the garden.
Heuchera ‘Beaujolais’ does very well in containers on our patio

Vicky and Richard Fox