October Featured Plants


Heuchera ‘Silver Celebration’ is great for full sun or partial shade, with a gorgeous bright pink underside of the foliage. They are hardy evergreen and great for winter colour 
Can be used in pots, hanging baskets, raised beds, living walls, borders, woodland etc.


Heuchera ‘Black Taffeta’ has shiny black ruffled foliage and white flowers in summer too!
Great for full sun, it’s hardy and evergreen.


Heuchera ‘Carmencita’ is new for 2016 with fabulous foliage from pink-red to deep red changing with the seasons. When flowering it has pretty pink flowers.



Now is a great time to plant Tiarella ‘Angel Wings’ so that is established for spring. This is it in flower in the autumn but in the spring it’s covered in pretty starry wands of foaming flowers! Hardy & evergreen like part shade to full shade. Looks perfect with bulbs and spring flowers as well as Summer when it will complement your borders and pots.

For a planting suggestion why not try 3 plants in a 12 – 18 inch pot would look just amazing! 3 Heucheras would look great in containers together either mixed or all the same variety which would be evergreen and hardy and give good colour all winter.

For added interest you could plant bulbs around like miniature daffodils, crocus snowdrops etc.

Make sure that the pot you use has good drainage (Broken crocks, pebbles, grit, or ever polystyrene pieces) using little feet under the pot is a great way to ensure the rain runs through.

Happy planting!