Perennials to go with dark or heuchera ‘forever purple’

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Lucy loosemore

I have a very narrow border, about 70cm depth. I am looking for a combination of 2 Heuchera, something like forever purple and autumn glow, but can you recommend a perennial the will sit behind, a little taller and compliment? Thank you.


Hi Lucy
Thank you for your question
You could grow Geranium Rozanne that would grow inbetween as well as behind!
I have copied link to miscanthus morning light as a suggestion that looks lovely, or what about a penstemon pentastic, maybe not with autumn glow though maybe with heuchera coralberry (I don’t have many autumn glow left on our website only 2 left until next year ) the penstemon are Low growing and in flower for months! In red rose and pink
Most of the perennials on our website will go well with heucheras.
Thank you for your question hope this helps
Kind regards
Vicky x
Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ (SKU18271)

Vicky and Richard Fox