Plant Availability

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Darroch Hall

Good afternoon,
I am just enquiring if the online plant catalogue will be updated soon, and which plants will become available again this year. I am hoping to get my hands on the following:
Copper Cascade
Redstone Falls
Yellowstone Falls
Fire Frost
Many thanks for your time, especially as this must be a very busy time of year for you.

Hi Darroch
We up date the website nearly everyday
Plants are selling so fast sometimes they are not on there for more than a hour or two.
However we do not have an endless supply as we grow all our own and never know what your all going to want from day to day.
We have many more varieties that will be coming ready for the end of June middle of July, weather permitting.
You will never see a time that everything is available in one hit as it’s nearly impossible for us to do that.
Most of what your wanting will be ready in that June /July period.
Heucherella fire frost won’t be available again this year sorry once sold out !
Hope this helps

Vicky and Richard Fox