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Keith H

Hello from Keith Hodge.
Will you recommend a plant to go in a 12inch square planter beside a front door. The position is south facing and not particularly sheltered there is no shade. Geraniums do well from June to November but leave the planter with no colour for the rest of year. I’m looking for a plant that is bright and interesting year round, the plant doesn’t have to be bright year round but should be interesting. Maybe it’s to tall an order I don’t know. PLEASE HELP.
Warmest Regards. Keith H.

Hi Keith
My choice would be Heuchera Tangerine wave is lovely would fill the pot
It would give you a range of orange shades through the year with wavey foliage too cream/white flowers in summer
All heucheras are evergreen
Richard suggestion was heuchera Prince good shape foliage and nice rich shiny leaf all year round with white flowers in summer
Hope this helps
Kind regards
Vicky and Richard
Heuchera ‘Tangerine Wave’ TM (Fox Series) (937)

Vicky and Richard Fox