Plant spacing

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Sally Kinnes


All the plants, especially the Heucheras, I have bought from you are flourishing! Many thanks.

I want to order some more, to make a clump, but I am trying to calculate how many (and might get some Tiarella). If you want them to make a big mass, how do you use the W to calculate how far apart to plant them?


Hi Sally
That great to hear you Heuchera are doing well
Thanks for letting us know always good to know x

An easy way to work out planting distances is
If it says 35cm to 45cm width and you want them all to touch, plant them 35cm to 45cm apart..if in any doubt plant a little close you always move them later Heuchera don’t mind being moved
Allow at least 18 month to full size but you’ll know that from your others.
Hope this helps
Kind regards Vicky

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