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Keith H

Recently I asked for recommendations for a plant for a planter. Vicky recommended Tangerine Wave. Just what I was looking for. One further question and I am going to purchase them
How plants many would I need for a 12inch square planter, three or five to make a good winter display
How do I get them off to a good start .
Warmest Regards. Keith H.

Hi Keith
Pleased you liked Tangerine wave 5 plants one in the middle and 1 on each corner will full it instantly.
3 plants will grow into being full but as it’s a square it’s not very easy to balance it.
We are shipping plants tomorrow if you wanted them for the weekend
To get them off to a good start use multi purpose compost put some gravel or broken frocks at the bottom to help drainage
Don’t over water especially as it’s winter (only water if they need it
Put pot on some wood peice or terracotta feet if you have them as this also aids the drainage in winter
In the spring give them a feed with a seaweed based product
Hope this helps
Happy planting 🙂
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Tangerine Wave’ TM (Fox Series) (937)

Vicky and Richard Fox