Plants for wall troughs

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J. Taylor

We have recently fitted 3 x 4ft wall mounted troughs that are in full sun but are not sure what plants to fill them with. We would like plants that are perennial and have colour/flower and saw your stand at Wisley last summer and were very taken with the Heuchera’s. Are you able to recommend a variety of different plants that you sell that could do what we would like. Your starter packs look very interesting as well. Thanks.

Hi Julia
Most rich colours such as reds, black silver purple and oranges will prefer full sun
All the plants flower
The mixed box is good as we try to give to a nice colour mix (the choice is ours though then.
In a couple months there will be a lot more choice
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Tangerine Wave’ TM (Fox Series) (937)

Vicky and Richard Fox