RHS Malvern Autumn Show 2017

We’ve finished with our last show of the season, RHS Malvern Autumn show, and now it’s all planning what to do for next years shows!

As you can see from our first couple of photos, we always have quite a lot to put into our display, we grow our plants bigger than normal sometimes, and make sure to bring plenty of moss and dirt to make everything look really clean. We also try to add interesting elements like our wooden pieces shown.

Happily we took home a gold, completing another golden year!

Tiarella Raspberry Sunday

Heuchera champagne 

Heuchera Forever Purple 

Just because the shows are over doesn’t mean we are done! There’s still lots of work to do around the nursery, potting, packing orders and figuring out which plant combinations to use for next years shows. This weekend we have our open days as well! We look forward to seeing anyone who is coming out.



2 thoughts on “RHS Malvern Autumn Show 2017

  1. Mary Hendry

    Brilliant on a successful season. Shame you are so far away from us. Could come up but unfortunately not this weekend. Need to plan!

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