Sent email saying in stock now its not! Help!

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Sandie W

You kindly sent me an email saying this is back in stock, but it is still showing out of stock so can’t purchase! help?

Hi Sandie
So sorry they are sold out again!
When the email arrives you need to be quick!
I am sorry I dont have any atm and we don’t take advance booking of them as its to time consuming to do that!
All you can do is add your self to the list then when the email arrives act very quickly!
There were 48 plants !
You see not everyone buys 1 plant!
More people are understanding the system so they are supper fast!
They sold out in about 1 hour!
They are really really rare !
No else sells them either!
I hope to have some more later
So sorry
Kind regards vicky

Heuchera cylindrica x brizoides ‘Coral Bouquet’ (907)

Vicky and Richard Fox