Sutton Coalfield Ladies Gardening Club Visits the Nursery


Sutton Coalfield ladies gardening club organised to come to visit our nursery on June 23rd. We absolutely adored having this lovely group of ladies here. Here are some photos from the day.13516507_1054176654619435_3866534236106776500_n 13501988_1054176697952764_1510820643096047636_n 13501724_1054176837952750_276845135132712407_n 13466200_1054176941286073_4110896098714106794_n 13533199_1054176981286069_1441268097778436494_n

We of course had to have a cake break as well, there wasn’t much left by the end!
cake1 (1) cake2 (1) cake3 (1) 13516633_1054177087952725_4590821025008829147_n 13528977_1054176907952743_2424570866036616331_n 13507209_1054177021286065_3104162946748279497_n 13466413_1054177124619388_3230953106774471479_n 13507258_1054177171286050_8602825400363348761_n 13502055_1054177197952714_2927815248883067540_n

Thanks so much for coming! Hope you had a safe journey back and enjoy your plants!

Like what you see? If you want to know about nursery visits for clubs or groups please just email or call. We would love to see you too!