When will all varieties be ready at once ?

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Derek S

Please can you advise when all you plants are available.Heuceras that is.
Also, can you advise which are most suited to patio planting in a hot area.
Thank you
Derek S

Hi Derek
There is never a time when I have all the plants sell ready in one go sadly!
As we grow all we sell and don’t buy plants in, its very difficult to have them all ready at once!
There are too many different varieties for us to do that.
I understand customers like to just order one time to save on postage but we just cannot do it that way sorry.
There’s only Richard and I and we can’t do everything I’m afraid!
The postage is one payment for as many plants as you want, there is never anything added to the cost of the plant (as many websites do ) some seem to have very cheap postage but their plants are often a bit more expensive or smaller pots (sometimes even tiny tiny plugs )
Some of the varieties that have been added added recently will be selling out again soon, so it’s better to order when you see them.
We do have varieties that are quite similar sometimes so you could always ask about similar varieties
That is something we are going to add to the website over winter…suggested alternatives.
Varieties that like like full sun are are usually darker leaves from these colours
Purple, black, orange, red and silver’some greens but NO lime greens or Golds
Hope this helps
Kind regards Vicky

Tangerine wave loves the sun and goes a bright orange when grown in sun.

Heuchera ‘Tangerine Wave’ TM (Fox Series) (937)

Vicky and Richard Fox