Spring Cleaning

With this sunshine and warm weather bout, we’ve been taking full advantage and tidying up the nursery and our own garden, getting everything ready for our first open weekend of the year this Friday March 31st. We hope to see some of you here!

We’ve still been getting our tunnels ready and re-doing some of them, here’s Richard having a little break.

All the baby plants in the nursery are coming along nicely, they look so cute with their colourful leaves getting bigger every day. Our Heucheras, Heucherella and Tiarella leaves are getting especially bright.

We’ve even managed to snag a few moments of downtime in our garden.

Here’s a tip, use old broken or chipped pots to plant hens and chickens in (also known as sempervivums or houseleeks), you can plant these hardy plants in just about anything, we’ve even seen them planted in old boots!

Have you had any time in your garden yet this year? We love to see your photos, send them in to us at info@plantagogo.com and let us know what you’ve planted. Or share them with us on our Facebook page.

Can I visit the nursery outside of ‘open days’?

This question was asked by
Gary Byers

I can’t make the open days but I wonder if it’s possible to come and look around and purchase a few plants out of “Open Days” tour dates

Hi Gary
Yes we do open the nursery by appointment
Its a working nursery so its ‘warts and all’ you are very welcome as long as we know you are coming.
The reason for this is we are often packing plants for shows or the internet and some days are just too jam packed!
Please send an email or give us a ring to arrange a day and time to suit us both
Thanks for your question

Vicky and Richard Fox

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On the Nursery Floor

Our nursery plants are coming along fabulously, it’s a healthy budding bunch! We are also finally starting to see the first signs of spring in our garden and the surrounding areas, cherry blossoms are blooming everywhere and little buds are popping up from the ground.

If you are looking for last minute gifts for Mother’s Day (which is this Sunday for those of you who may have forgotten!) Our gift cards make a great present. You can order yours in our shop here.

All the babies are growing now #Heuchera

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What are the differences between Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella?

This question was asked by
Sylvia Williams

Hi, what is the difference between the 3 Heucherella’s etc? Why do some suffer rust badly while others seem not to be affected.

Hi Sylvia
Thats two questions! lol

The differences between Heuchera, Heucherella & Tiarella

Heuchera which have lots of colour with a maple shaped leaf, which can be ruffled, with veining etc.
The flowers have many bell shaped flowers on tall/short stems.

Tiarella have lobed or heart shaped foliage which are mainly green with maroon barring in the center. The have star shaped flowers usually clustered together at the top of the stems. Common name for Tiarella is Foamflower because of the way the flower looks at a glance.

Heucherella are a result of crossing the two genus together. Hence the name. As you might expect you get qualities from the two genus.
All the colour usually which comes from the Heuchera, and leaf shapes and often markings from the Tiarella. The flowers tend to be like spaced stars on tall/short stems. Which is a mix of the two again.

Heuchera are more prone to rust than Tiarella in fact I have never seen a Tiarella with rust
When you cross the two genus together that gives Heucherella a little more strength against the disease.
Although all three can technically get rust.

Rust can be sorted very easy by following the information on the website. Located once you’ve clicked into the website (not home page) on the left hand bar under ‘Information’, then ‘Growing tips and information’ heading .

Thank you for asking the question – Hope this helps

Vicky and Richard Fox

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Is it possible to collect an order?

This question was asked by
Joan kelly

Is it possible to collect an order?

Hi Joan
It is possible to collect an order from the nursery or at the shows

To collect from the nursery
You need to order online then click ‘collect from nursery’ at check out, from the drop down box.
Then email info@plantagogo.com to make a time and date which suits us both for you to collect. we are only open by appointment and open days.

To collect from a show
Order your plants online then select ‘collect from show’ from the drop down box at check out.
You will have a selection of shows to choose from.

The only thing we ask is that you don’t order too far in front as this creates problems.

Happy ordering 🙂
We have loads of great plants to choose from.
More varieties are becoming available every week as we go into the spring/summer.

Vicky and Richard Fox

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