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Burnt Heucheras

This question was asked by
Anna C

Please can you tell me how to deal with my burnt plants, this has not happened before but temps. have been unusual . Should I dig them up and put into a cold frame? I dont want to loose these plants ALL together. Thank you.

Hi Anna
They can when established stand drought and hot weather although it can still mark the foliage, (make sure you water at night) if you leave the foliage on until the hot weather goes (even though they look a mess) then tidy the top leave. These should offer protection for the crown (the growing point ) However if they are younger then it might be an idea to give them shade under a parasol or make shift shade if, that’s not possible then dig up and replant when drought and hot spell is over …keeping in a shady place, no need for a cold frame as frames can get really hot in this weather.
Hope this helps
Kind regards Vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox

Developing my Heucara ‘path’

This question was asked by
Martin T

I am trying to develop a ‘path’ (not for walking on) to run between a slate covering. I quite like your Web presentation and the varieties you have. I can see your special offer on the web site but would like to introduce some new varieties to make the finished ‘path’ more interesting. Would it be possible to get some of your new varieties in your special offer albeit I appreciate you might add to the published price. If you are able to telephone me I could explain my self more clearly if it helps.

Thank you in anticipation of a reply

Hi Martin
Sounds lovely
Sorry the special offer is only our mix
If you want selected items you have to pay full price
Sorry about that
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox


This question was asked by
Sheila D

Is it possible to order and pay if stock is unavailable

Hi Sheila
Sorry no you can’t
It makes it too difficult to keep track of what’s ordered and what’s not also..
If not in stock we might have them growing or could be next year now before they are available again
Kind regards Vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox


This question was asked by
Margaret I

I’m attending Tatton Park Show on the 22nd July on a coach trip. I would like to use the Click & Collect system. How do I do this? How big are the plants – need to know this because of carrying them about.

Looking forward to seeing you.


Hi Margaret
The click and collect is simple
Just choose what plants you want and add to basket
When ready go to checkout
At checkout you will see options such as collect from nursery…
If you click that it drops down and give you options to collect from the shows
Choose tatton
You should not be charged shipping costs then
It will ask you to finish and pay
If you want to add what day your coming add that in special notes when the box appears
The plants are in 1 litre pots and 9cm pots
Quite light and easy to carry
The show does have a plant creche so you can leave all your purchases throughout the day in there to make getting around easy.
I think if you buy a lot they have porters to take to you transport lol
So you should be ok
Any problem just let me know
See you at Tatton
Kind regards Vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox