Vine Weevils and How to Check for Them

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Laura M

Hi, I purchased a dark coloured Heuchera from you at the Hampton Court festival back in July and
I have noticed something is starting the eat the leaves. I have googled and the marks look similar to vine weevils. Is this likely to be the case and do you have any advice on prevention?

Hi Laura
Sorry to hear that
If you are worried carefull dig it up take look at the roots leave it on the surface of the soil for a day, near the bird table if are any grubs the birds should pick through (grubs do the most damage)
Afterwards wash the root pour boiling water in the hole then replant, when soil is cold again.
If in pot wash the pot and the roots and replant into fresh multi purpose compost.
In future it’s easier to nematode in late august beginning of September.
Hope this helps
Kind regards vicky

Heuchera ‘Dark Secret’ (639)

Vicky and Richard Fox