Summer Garden Planning

With the cold temperatures outside it may be hard to imagine the flowers and plants in your garden coming to life, but winter is a great time to start thinking about what you will plant for your summer garden.

Heucheras are hardy evergreen perennials, a great choice for any garden as many flower all spring and summer and they are easy to take care of. They love well drained soil, and don’t like to be too wet.

As they have a wide variety of colourful leaves, they are great as ground covers or to add some colour to borders. Different varietals will grow in different aspects (full sun, full shade or partial sun/shade) so you can find a plant for almost any position in your garden.

Mixing heuchera, heucherella, and tiarella can give a pretty effect with the mix of small and larger leaves and flower stems. They also mix well when planted with other plant varietals, so you can give your garden a full varied look.

We will soon be adding Penstemon Pentastic series (pictured above) to our website, bred by my brother. You can find out more information including growing here.

We’ve been hard at work getting all of our plants in top shape to send out soon, so have a look in our shop and start planning out your summer garden. You can search by colour, aspect and plant variety to make things easier. If you want to peruse our plants yourself, visit us on our first open days March 31st-April 2nd to stock up on plants and get advice from us, not to mention some delicious home made cake while you’re here!

Rare & Unusual Heucheras

(Heuchera sanguinea – ‘Corallion’)

Did you know that we have a full section on our site full of Rare & Unusual Heucheras, many that can not be found anywhere else for sale? This section is mainly for collectors, enthusiasts and anyone looking for obscure varieties, species or a variety you can no longer get anywhere else.

Some are very rare and we only have a one or two of each variety. If we didn’t have them in our National collection they probably would have dissapeared by now.

(Heuchera cylindrica ‘Hyperion’)

All the money from the sales of this section goes towards the up keep of our National Collections of Heuchera, Heucherella and private collection of Tiarella, all of which you are very welcome to visit by ringing up and arranging a time. They can also be seen on our open days, our next one is March 31st-April 2nd.

If you don’t see what your looking for, email us at as we may be able to specially breed any you are looking for. Some may be out of stock, but check back regularly as we are always growing more. Browse our rare and unusual Heucheras here.

How do I care for my older Heucheras?

This question was asked by
Nicola Smith

Some of my older Heucheras now bear their leaves on a woody stem that stands proud of the soil. Should I dig them up and replant them so the leaves are level with the soil? If so, when is the best time to do this?

Hi Nicola
Heuchera can raise up out of the ground as they get older usually 3-5 years, some varieties do it faster than others,
The cure is quite easy really…
Dig them up and plant them lower, never plant them lower than the crown, that is the top of the stalk where the leaves are growing from.
If you do they can go rotten.
Spring is the best time to do this really.
If you want to do something now mound the soil up around the stalk until Spring, remembering to never bury the crown.
We had to do this to our Heuchera ‘Cafe Ole’ in the garden last spring as they were getting leggy, by the Summer they were looking great.—-Cafe-Ole–PBR-635.html
Vicky and Richard Fox

Ask us your gardening/planting questions!

We are looking forward to the 2017 show season, and are also making some changes to our website.

We’ve put a new section on our site to answer your questions! We get a lot of emails from customers asking garden/planting specific questions, and thought this would be a good way for everyone to benefit from the answers. To build up a knowledge base, we need your help! Ask your gardening questions here so we can help you, and your questions could help other people as well.

Want to see the questions people have asked so far? Have a look here.

We are still taking orders on the website for shipping in February. Plan out your garden now to start planting later. Don’t forget that you can use click and collect for many of the garden shows we will be at throughout the year. Just simply check this option and choose which show at checkout.

How should I trim back my heucheras?

This question was asked by
– Peter Mcswiggan

should i trim back the heucheras-they areneeding some attention–thank you PETER

Hi Peter
January is not a good month to trim them back.
Wait until you can see fresh growth coming through, usually about March/April time. Then you can trim off the old foliage.
Leaving the foliage on over the winter months will help protect the crown from the winter wet.
If you feel they are going rotten due to being over wet, the best thing to do is to plant them into containers, if already in containers check the drainage.
Many Heuchera look great in containers even if its only to get them away from wet borders in winter, then come the spring when the weather improves you can plant back into the garden.
Heuchera ‘Beaujolais’ does very well in containers on our patio

Vicky and Richard Fox