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How to get rid of Vine Weevil Grubs

Nemasys is a biological vine weevil grub killer. Apply in the evening or dull conditions such as rainfall as soil must be moist before and for at least 2 weeks after application. This size pack pictured does quite a sizeable area, however there are packs for smaller areas as well depending on how much you need.

One application provides control for up to 6 weeks, if you need continues protection, re-apply at this time. It’s super easy to apply and will keep your plants nice and healthy.

Keep unopened packets in the fridge to keep them fresh. They don’t wake up until added to water! We don’t sell these but they are widely available at garden centres and on Amazon if you have a look.

Heuchera ‘Red Lightening’

Heuchera ‘Red Lightening’ has electrifying dark red veins, over huge gold leaves. As you can see this gets a bit larger than you’re average Heuchera!

It is best in shade/partial shade as it has lighter leaves that may burn in full sun. It sprouts up pretty white flowers in the summer. It’s very hardy and requires little maintenance so it’s perfect for the no-fuss gardener who wants to add some colour to their garden.

You can shop Red Lightening HERE on our website.

Photos from Southport Flower Show 2019

Southport Flower Show was full of lots of entertainment along with gorgeous flowers and plants. We were happy to take home a Gold medal to add to our collection.

Only two shows left for the season and our open days at the nursery, time flies when you’re having fun!

Our Upcoming Shows

We are quite a way through show season, but we aren’t close to done yet! Here are the upcoming shows and dates we will be attending, so if you are as well, don’t forget to use our ‘click and collect’ service. 

Just order the plants you want on our website, choose the show you want to collect them at, and we’ll bring them ready for you to take home. This saves you on postage and ensures we bring the plants you are after for your garden!

Next up after this weeks RHS Tatton, is the Southport Flower Show from 15th to the 18th August. It’s a great trip to the seaside and to gather all your garden needs in one place.

We then have Wisley Autumn Show from the 3rd to the 8th of September. Wisley showcases top quality plants and nurseries and also has their own extensive gardens, making this a great day out.

Then it’s back to Harrogate for us for Harrogate Autumn Show from the 13th to the 15th September.

We’ve got our last Open Days of the season at the Nursery the 20th to the 22nd of September. We will be open 10am-4pm each day.

The last show of the season is Malvern Autumn Show from the 28th to the 29th September. Malvern show is a great one to end on, with gorgeous plants in Autumnal colours to inject some colour into your own gardens. Autumn is a great time to prepare your gardens ready for spring as well.

Visit us this week at RHS Tatton Park

We have already begun setup for RHS Tatton Park this week, you can find us in the Floral Marquee.

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