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Heuchera Pauline can I collect from harrogate show

This question was asked by
Sue E

If I order this today or tomorrow would I be able to pick this up at Harrogate which is on the 14th September

Hi sue
Yes that would be fine
No problem
Kind regards Vicky

Heuchera ‘Pauline’ TM (Fox Series) (SKU18208)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Looking for a good blue-grey heuchera

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Susan jane B

I’m looking for a heuchera that is as blue/grey as possible…any you could recommend? Do you stock?

Hi Jane
The 3 best blue – grey heuchera we have is
Sugar plum see below, violet shimmer and spellbound.
These are a violet blue cast there isn’t a true blue cast they also have quite a good silver-grey colour
Hope this helps
Kind regards Vicky

Heuchera ‘Sugar Plum’ (735)

Vicky and Richard Fox

New/old Heucher as /feed?/ nematodes?etc

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How can I give my newly purchased specimens the best start when planting in borders? Also how can I give my established plants a boost? Have taken on board the need to treat with nematodes this month.

Looking forward to your reply.

Hi Sue
Great job watering with nematodes now! (August – September time us great)
If you feed them all with liquid seaweed this will pick your older ones up and give the new ones a great start… helping to put them in good health.
Have fun with your heucheras
Kind regards Vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox

Choice/how many Heuchera for a border ?

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We have a half moon shaped borders in a sunny spot in our garden, a quarter of which contains Dark Red Heucheras. I need to add some more to complete the border.
The area i have available is approx 1.5 meters by 1.0 to 1.25meters and am thinking of two extra colours to add in. What would you recommend, please and how many would i need

Hi Geoff
Thanks for your enquiry
We think you would need about 10 plants as a guide.

The varieties that we think would be nice are Heuchera forever purple
Heuchera Tangerine wave and or Heuchera sugar plum, but you might fancy somthing else 🙂
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Forever Purple’ PBR (SKU18201)

Vicky and Richard Fox

help to plant up two boxes for winter colour

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Norman F

We ( a block of apartments) have two boxes, 20x20x20 inches.
We have removed the dead contents and wish to plant up with something colourful for the winter/spring
Can you please suggest something

Hi Norman
Heucheras are great for doing this
Because it’s for winter and spring how much it gets isn’t really relevant
However if you plan leaving them in for summer it is. As limes and some oranges etc don’t grow well in full sun
5 plants will fill it nicely.
Great combinations would be
2 x heuchera Tangerine wave,2x heuchera lime marmalade,1x heuchera dark secret in each box
1 x heucherella Brass lantern 2x heucherella solar power 2 x Heuchera forever purple in each box

These are just ideas you could choose any combo really to suit your taste.
Hooe this helps
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Tangerine Wave’ TM (Fox Series) (937)

Vicky and Richard Fox