Heuchera aspect advice

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John Gridley

We spoke at Chatsworth regarding the availability of ‘Lipstick’ and you invited me to contact you regarding the development of my heauchera collection.
I have created a specific south facing bed in my garden in south west London and would appreciate any cultivation advice that you could give me regarding the continued development of my emerging collection.
Many thanks

Hi John
Tiarella, heucherella, limes and gold heuchera need shade
Most if the reds oranges erg will grow in full sun.
None of them like to be in waterlogged conditions
Heuchera lipstick should be available in approximately 2 weeks
That enjoys part shade best
Hope this helps

Vicky and Richard Fox

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Opening hours

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Sue Smith

Are you open today?

Hi Sue
We are only open by appointment or on open days ….please refer to website for these dates

Vicky and Richard Fox

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What is the difference between planting for Heuchera, Heucherella and Tiarella?

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Mrs Brenda M Adams

I am not certain of the differences between Heucheras, Heucharellas and Tiarellas, as all seem to have broadly similar characteristics and requirements – can you help me please? I have chalky / flinty soil, well drained and partly sunny / partly dappled shade and would like to know which would be best for my garden.

Hi Brenda
Tiarella,heucherella, all lime green and gold heucheras prefer shade
Most of the others are ok with more sunlight
Please see website
Click the photo of the plant to give you more detailed info
Hope this helps

Vicky and Richard Fox

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Which red/orange heuchera hold their colour best all year round?

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Please let me know which pink/red and orange heuchera varieties hold their color best throughout the seasons.

Hi Anita
Tangerine wave and marmalade are in our opinion the two best orange/red shades that hold their colour, especially if grown in a sunny position.
Hope this helps


Vicky and Richard Fox

RHS Harlow Carr Flower Show 2017

We are back from a lovely long weekend at RHS Harlow Carr. This is the new award we won at the RHS gardens. They start at 3 sunflowers and go to 5 sun flowers, so we are pleased the judges liked our new display! You can see the photos of us putting it together and the finished product below. We brought some cute metal bikes to include in our display and love the way it turned out.

Primula candelabra in the Harlow Carr garden were stunning. We will have some we’ve grown very soon for sale, so keep an eye on the website!

Our beautiful flower nymph in amongst the candelabra primroses and the film crew capturing her.

Tiarella ‘Spring symphony’ in the gardens, available on our website here if you love it as much as we do. It’s got gorgeous delicate white flowers springing up from the foliage.

Our next show is Hampton Court Palace July 4th-9th which is one of our favourite shows to go to, there’s always spectacular creative show gardens as well as specialist growers like us. Tickets are still available if you’re interested in going.