3 Shows Left for 2017

We only have three shows left for 2017, we can hardly believe we are already in September it’s been that busy this year! From all the shows, to potting to wedding planning, it seems we’ve been on the go forever. Wouldn’t change a thing though, and there’s been some fantastic shows this year.

Coming up we have RHS Wisley Autumn Show from the 5th-10th of September, which is in their 25th year! Raymond Blanc will be opening the show this year with other highlights including the sculpture trail, the people’s dahlia competition, and of course all the specialist nurseries and growers including us!

Next will be Harrogate Autumn Flower show, which always promises to be full of colour and really gets you into the Autumnal spirit. Join us September 15th-17th and we are looking forward to seeing what giant vegetables are in store this year for the famous annual competition.

We will be finishing the show season with the Malvern Autumn show September 23rd-24th. There will be a host of celebrities, cookery workshops and of course lots of plants!

Our last open days of the year are September 29-October 1st 10am-4pm each day. Come have a nosy around our nursery, enjoy some home made cake and take home some plants that catch your eye.


Resheath Horticultural Enthusiasts Association Nursery Visit

Last week on Wednesday Resheath horticultural enthusiasts association came to visit out nursery and hear some talks about plant care. We do love these sorts of visits as everyone is always very keen to learn new things, and any excuse to have some cake and chat over a cup of tea is a good one!

Thanks again for coming ladies and gents! If you’d like to book your own tour of our nursery, please get in touch for availability. We are open by appointment only, or if you’re free you can pop along to our next (and last of the season!) open days which are September 29th-October 1st every day from 10am-4pm.

Ideas for planting under a tree together with spring bulbs

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Hi, I am a looking to plant up a bed under a cherry tree with a mixture of perennials and bulbs. I have had a number of heucheras from you before and they have been great and was thinking of trying some of the Tiarella but would they survive dry partial shade? Would be grateful for advice.
Thank you

Hi Anne
Yes the tiarella will be good under there
You have to water them if it gets very hot though as everything plants needs some water
I have attached one of our own varieties called Tiarella ‘Emerald Ellie’ as it as nice without the flower, as with a flower due to the markings and shape of the foliage
Hope this helps
Kind regards
Tiarella ‘Emerald Ellie’ TM (Fox Series)PP (SKU18235)

Vicky and Richard Fox

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Big Tom (Thomas)

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Mari Kirkness

I admired your stand at Chelsea and you had a massive cream/greeny heuchera at the back of the stand. I’m sure you called it Big Tom. Do hope I’m correct but can’t find it in your cart. Or on your webside.

Please advice
Kind regards

Hi Mark
It was heuchera Thomas I’ve attached the link from our website
It was named after our son Thomas
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Thomas’ TM (Fox series) (1220)
Vicky and Richard Fox

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Perennials to go with dark or heuchera ‘forever purple’

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Lucy loosemore

I have a very narrow border, about 70cm depth. I am looking for a combination of 2 Heuchera, something like forever purple and autumn glow, but can you recommend a perennial the will sit behind, a little taller and compliment? Thank you.


Hi Lucy
Thank you for your question
You could grow Geranium Rozanne that would grow inbetween as well as behind!
I have copied link to miscanthus morning light as a suggestion that looks lovely, or what about a penstemon pentastic, maybe not with autumn glow though maybe with heuchera coralberry (I don’t have many autumn glow left on our website only 2 left until next year ) the penstemon are Low growing and in flower for months! In red rose and pink
Most of the perennials on our website will go well with heucheras.
Thank you for your question hope this helps
Kind regards
Vicky x
Miscanthus ‘Morning Light’ (SKU18271)

Vicky and Richard Fox

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