What is the best way to protect my heucherella plants from vine weevil?

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Hi, can you please advise the best way to protect my heucherella plants from vine weevil. I have lost 4 plants this year all of which were in pots. I thought they were all ok but when I tried to tidy them up this last week all that was left was foliage on top of pot and no root left.
Kind regards
Angela Lindsay

Hi Angela,
The best way to protect your plants from Vine weevil is to water with Nematodes in middle of August and again middle to end of September.
You can do them in the spring but the nematodes are temperature sensitive, below 6 degrees kills them.
Follow the instructions on the packet (no cutting corners )
Plants can be saved if all the roots have gone, but are still showing life.
Treat them like a large cutting as they have to re root. Don’t over water!
Hope this helps
info also on our website under growing tips/information

Don’t know which is your favourite?
I love the new Variety Heucherella ‘Art Noveau’

Vicky and Richard Fox

Next Years 2017 Events Calendar

We are already busy planning for next years shows, open days and talks. We’ve put together a Calendar of Events for 2017 that you can refer to here. We will update this with more information such as what stall numbers or tent’s we are located in when we know more. We will also add in any other events. If you follow us on Facebook we will try to keep our events updated on there so you know what’s going on!

We hope this helps some of you plan ahead if you’d like to use our click and collect for some of the shows. If this is available for specific shows, it will show in the drop down menu for delivery options at checkout.

Hope to see some of you at the shows!

When is the best time to plant tiarellas and Heucherellas?

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When is the best time to plant Tiarellas and can I plant Heucherellas at the same time?

Hi Gary
You can plant Heuchera, Heucherella & Tiarella all year round, as long as the ground isn’t frozen.
Have you seen our new Tiarella ‘Angel Wings’ its very pretty with unusual foliage

Vicky and Richard Fox

What is the best soil condition for Heucheras?

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Dean Francis

Hi there
planted some new Heucheras this summer, but they seem to be suffering a bit now, I’ve put them in a nice damp spot, always nice and wet there, all the time in fact.
What is the best soil condition for them?

Hi Dean
Sorry your having trouble with your Heucheras
You mention that you have them in a ‘nice damp position, in fact wet all the time!’
Heucheras don’t like to be over wet, in fact it can kill them very quickly.
Heucheras like to get moisture but it must drain away to ensure they don’t go rotten.
If your ground is very wet why not try putting them into containers.
We have on our patio Heuchera Thomas which does very well

Vicky and Richard Fox

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Quickshop to Make Ordering Quicker

We’ve added a new feature to our website to make shopping easier for those who know what they want. It’s called Quickshop, and you’ll find it on our main menu bar above. All our plants and items are in categories, alphabetical order and in list form making it easy for you to scroll down and add the number of plants you’d like to your basket.

Quickshop does away with images to make it quicker for customers who know the specific plants they’d like to purchase, and shows items that are only currently in stock.

We’ve extended our last order dates, last orders for plants is Wednesday 14th December and for Gift Vouchers is the 18th December. Thank you all for your continued custom!