After Vine weevil attack can I reuse the old compost ?

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Rosaleen C

Can I reuse the compost in a container after weevil grubs had attacked the previous tiarellas?

I poured two full kettles of boiling water into the container – several grubs came to the surface!

It is now nearly 2 months since I rescued the plants, having left them exposed for at least 24 hours, dousing them well in running water before repotting them. They are thriving indoors at present but I would like to return them to their container – without having to change the compost!

Is this possible, if I use nematodes?

Thanking you for your advice.

PS. The other 6 heuchera I purchased from you in March last year are thriving.

Hi Rosaleen
Yes that should be no problems
Really pleased you managed to rescue them
Nematode when the weather is warmer.
The Nematodes don’t survive in soil temperatures below 6C
We do June to October
Always keep an eye open for the pesky VW
Pleased your others from us are doing well 😀
Happy Heuchering
Kind Regards Vicky

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Vicky and Richard Fox

Heuchera top pulled off

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Jane A

Two questions!
I\’ve just been tidying my Heuchera Paris and a couple of them just lifted straight out of the soil and did not seem to have many roots. I\’ve replanted them, but wondered is there anything I can do to encourage the roots to grow? They\’ve been in since 2020 I think. My older ones have started to grow \”upwards\” – do I need to buy new ones or do you just replant them deeper?

Hi Jane
The 2 that have lifted out will have had vine weevil .
Which could still be in the plant so just check there isn’t a little white grub in the roots .
If there is just feed to the robin or dispatch.
Throw the compost away and plant in fresh they can have baby ones in there that you can’t see yet! (Don’t add to composting bin!)
Then they should grow back ok again

The older ones you can replant deeper (don’t bury the crown the bit where the leaves are growing from ) ..if they don’t do well then it’s time to get new ones

Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox