poorly Heuchera? Rust?

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Jenny M

I have a poorly Heuchera – it was not bought from you which is probably why it is infected with what I think is rust. The plant has pustules on the underside of its leaves, leaves are curling up and dying. How should I deal with this infection to avoid it spreading to other heucheras?
I have ordered two new heucheras from you and these will be planted in a shady part of the garden, away from the infected plant. It is this acceptable? Should I destroy the infected plant altogether?
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Hi Jenny 

Yes it sounds just like rust.

you can trow away or treat it.

To treat it.

Don’t touch if wet 

Try to keep away from others if you can until it’s better 

Chop all foliage completely off! 

Do not compost pop in plastic bag and pop into the rubbish bin or burn.

It is very infectious to other Heuchera nothing else!

Then scoop soil from around affected plant and Do the same as for the foliage, pop in bag for the rubbish. 

Wash hands and scissors with anti bacterial gel.

Then spray with rose clear for black spot.

This will prevent it coming back but doesn’t kill the rust ..hence you have to chop all foliage off!

Keep an eye open for it coming back (always with dry hands ) wet spreads it faster.) If it comes back and it often does, chop those leave off too! 

Spray every week for a month the once it’s stopped coming spray once a month for a while.

May, June, Sept and Oct are the worst months. So you can spray at these times to help if you wanted to.

I hope this helps 

Kind Regards Vicky  

Vicky and Richard Fox