Harrogate Spring Show 2018

We’re back from Harrogate now and we started off with a very eventful morning at the start seeing that our plants had gotten blown over the night before with the strong winds! This meant a quick trip home to grab some more plants before the display got finished. What a start to the season! We got everything up for judging though and all our sales plants set up on time so we still did it.

This year we went for an educational display based on questions we get from our lovely customers, and we’re happy to announce we got a premier gold award for it! So thank you so much for your questions, we love helping with your gardens. Thanks for everyone who stopped by to say hi or buy some plants from us over the weekend.

Malvern show is next up May 10th-May 13th. If you’d like to per-order plants you can use our ‘click and collect’ service to save on postage and to make sure we bring the plants you want to take home.

2018 Show Season Kicks off with Harrogate Spring Show

We always wonder how we get so quickly back to the show season every year, but here we are! This week we kick off the season with Harrogate Spring Flower show from the 26th-29th of April. This year we will be doing a different display, one that’s based on customer questions that we get asked from you!

Shortly after Harrogate, we have Malvern Spring Festival the 10th-13th of May. If you’re going and want to make sure you get the plants you want, you can use our ‘click and collect’ service to save a bit on postage. We will be taking plenty of plants to have a browse of if you’re not sure which to add to your garden yet.

Auricula ‘Lucy Locket’ goes really well with Heucheras and is quite hardy, helping to add a splash of sunshine to your garden if you’re looking for something a little different.

We have all our fingers crossed the weather stays nice like it has been for everyone attending the upcoming shows. If you want a list of all the shows we will be at this year, you can check our 2018 calendar events page.

We love seeing our lovely customers, so do pop by and say hi if you attend any shows!

What’s the difference between heuchera, heucherella and tiarella

This question was asked by
Gina W

Please can you tell me what the difference between the Heuchera, heucherella and tiarella and what plants would be best for a shaded area.

Many thanks

Hi Gina
Heucheras have coluful foliage, all have similar shaped foliage,with bell shaped flowers
Some love the sun such as red, black,purple,silver and some orange, others colours such as limes etc like shade all colours will live in part shade.
Tiarella are predominantly green with lobed or heart shaped foliage and often have a maroon /black baring on them, and white star like flowers.
These love part shade or full shade.
Heucherella are a hybrid of the two tiarella and heucheras these have different shaped leaves and markings, there are lots of different types, with flowers which are a mix between the two. These mainly prefer the part shade or shade
If you search for part shade and shade on the website using the search button it should bring up everything we sell for shade or part shade
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

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availability of plants

This question was asked by
Kay v T

Two or three years ago I took delivery of some of your Heucheras. I was absolutely delighted with both the size and the quality of your lovely plants. Now I would like to order a few more, but so many are out of stock. Could you please tell me when is the best time to look for your plants, in order to find the ones I want in stock. Because of the cost of delivery I really only want to make one order.
Kind Regards
Kay Todman

Hi Kay
Thank you for your enquiry
Pleased you were happy with the plants you had previously from us.
We are potting all the time and new varieties are coming available regularly
These days with so many varieties its hard to have a time when they are all available at once ..our nursery isn’t big enough and there is only 2 of us doing everything!
Quite a lot of varieties will be coming at the end if this month but others will later in summer.
So that’s all I can say to help
I am sorry I can’t be more specific …..plants just grow at their own speed
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

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This question was asked by
David L

I have been a user of your great app for over a year and, during that time, have uploaded loads of photos.

My question is this. How do I get access to these photos? I would like to place some of them in a folder with other photos I have.


Hi David
You should be able to save them
However you cannot use them to sell plants or in articles etc without our permission.
For private use onky
We do have copy right on them
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

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