Heuchera ‘Chantilly’ villosa

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Nick W

Bought from yourselves in 2019 as a young plant, since then grown to be a real specimen, great but know to large, when is the best time to move and do i need to trim the leaves back to reduce stress.


Hi Nick
Thats great to hear its done so well.
You can move it now, give it a bit of trim it won’t matter.
Take as much root with it and soil that you can to help establish well.
Then water well keep an eye on it for a little while
Hope that helps
Kind Regards Vicky

Heuchera ‘Chantilly’ villosa (SKU18206)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Are Heuchera good for suppressing weed on a bank?

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Sharon D

We have a banked area on our golf course that is full of nettles, bramble and generally horrible weeds.
Would these plants be good for this area and suppress the weeds?
Thank you

Hi Sharon
Once you’ve cleared the area properly of the nettles and brambles then yes they are very good for that position and for suppressing weeds
Hope that help
Kind Regards Vicky

Heuchera ‘Glitter’ (1234)

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Can I send plants as a gift? Do you sell cards?

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Irene M

My friend and I are past customers of yours from Flower Shows. As we’re now unable to attend I would like to send my friend some Heucheras for her Birthday.
Is it possible to have them sent directly to her address, as opposed to mine?
Is it possible to include a Greetings message in with the plants

Hi Irene
Yes of course just fill in the prompts on the website
You tick a box during check out to say send to a different address
We sell cards to add to order in the ‘bits & bobs ‘tab too
On special notes add when it is and any message you want in the card
Hope this helps
Kind Regards Vicky

Happy Days Card (CARD4)

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