a catalogue

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Sally N

Can I buy a catalogue or print one off?

Hi Sally
We don’t do a catalogue sadly anymore.
We don’t have a printable catalogue as such but you can print the pages on the website.
By right clicking and selecting print when on the pages you want to print.
That should work
Hope that helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

Harrogate flower show & nursery open days

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Martin B

I realise that everything is upin the air at the moment with covid restrictions but I was wondering if you will be at Harrogate Spring essentials show at the end of May. Also do you hope to have any open days later in the year?

Hi Martin
Thanks for your interest
We will be at Harrogate show
In May you can order to click and collect from there (its on the new website at the checkout if your interest ) .you can order click and collect for 2 weeks before the show
We won’t be in the usual halls as we are outside for safety under the cattle sheds I think.
So take a look at your maps when they arrive, as it might all seem a bit different.

Open days won’t be like they have been
However we are offering an online booking system which is available under the top tab information (drop down bar)
Its not quite ready yet as we are just finalising the times and dates
Hoping to start after 12 April but the calender will clarify the dates soon.
We did it last year and it was very successful! So we’ve done the same again.
It makes it safer for you and for us.
Once we are sorted we are hoping that later in the season we can have online booking slots for coffee and cake ..which will also be limited numbers.
Obviously all COVID-19 restrictions allowing.

Hope that helps
Looking forward to seeing you at sometime this year 😀

Kind regards

Plantagogo Tiarella Collection for Shade or Part Shade (SKU18453)

Vicky and Richard Fox


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Mrs.sheila h K

Dear Persons,
I have just quickly run through your heuchera list and you appear to be out of stock of virtually all your plants!
Please advise.
Thanking you.

Hi Sheila
We grow all our own plants nothing bought in, so when its gone we have to regrow them!
Which we are doing all the time!
More will are coming ready all the time through the spring and summer.
We never have all the plants ready at the same time its impossible for us as our nursery isn’t big enough!
We’ve added the ‘Everything in stock’ category to save you time.
If you go in there there is still plenty for sale.
If its particular varieties you want, we have a ‘notify me’ button where you add your email and we email back when in stock (they go fast so don’t wait too long!) or an ‘alternative’ button for something similar.
Hope that helps
Kind regards

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Vicky and Richard Fox

Should I cut old heucheras down to the ground for new growth? and which type of Heuchera is best for shade?

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Anne L

I would really like your advice as I have had a group of Tiarellas (in the shade) for a number of years. Should I cut them down and feed them(? what with) to give them a fresh start. WHAT DO YOU ADVISE FOR A GENERAL FEED FOR THEM AND WHEN?

Hi Anne
Tidy up old tatty foliage but leave the rest as they will be coming up to flower soon.
Plants for shade ..
Any lime green or gold Heuchera even ones with a little lime green on the foliage, all Heucherella and Tiarella.
The feed we recommend in the Heuchera Heucherella and Tiarella feed see attached link
Hope that helps
Kind regards Vicky

Lou’s Poo Heuchera, Heucherella & Tiarella Feed (SKU18421)

Vicky and Richard Fox