Can I send plants as a gift? Do you sell cards?

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Irene M

My friend and I are past customers of yours from Flower Shows. As we’re now unable to attend I would like to send my friend some Heucheras for her Birthday.
Is it possible to have them sent directly to her address, as opposed to mine?
Is it possible to include a Greetings message in with the plants

Hi Irene
Yes of course just fill in the prompts on the website
You tick a box during check out to say send to a different address
We sell cards to add to order in the ‘bits & bobs ‘tab too
On special notes add when it is and any message you want in the card
Hope this helps
Kind Regards Vicky

Happy Days Card (CARD4)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Heuchera for sun

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Could you please tell me which Heucheras are best for a border that gets full sun.

Hi Janet
Yes there quite a few as a rule if thumb (not written in stone) .go for red, black, purple, silver or orange.
But please check on the product page the product description as it tells you everything you need to know on there
Hope this helps
Kind Regards Vicky

Heuchera ‘Black Pearl’ PBR (SKU18326)

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open days

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Janet W


are you planning any open days?

would love to come and visit

Hi Janet
We are not sadly, all our open days have been cancelled..
However we are welcoming customers to the nursery by appointment
Heres the link below

You can come on your own or with family or friend or meet them at the nursery ..up to 6 people.
We are hoping to do booked open days where you book a time and there will be other people there too but not too many, as the old style open days can get really busy!
Also we would hope to do coffee and cake then too
But until then your welcome on any of the dates/times on the link
Just add name and email you get 1 hour to browse or buy at you leisure.
Hope you can come
We love welcoming customers to the nursery
Kind regards Vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox

Plant spacing

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Sally Kinnes


All the plants, especially the Heucheras, I have bought from you are flourishing! Many thanks.

I want to order some more, to make a clump, but I am trying to calculate how many (and might get some Tiarella). If you want them to make a big mass, how do you use the W to calculate how far apart to plant them?


Hi Sally
That great to hear you Heuchera are doing well
Thanks for letting us know always good to know x

An easy way to work out planting distances is
If it says 35cm to 45cm width and you want them all to touch, plant them 35cm to 45cm apart..if in any doubt plant a little close you always move them later Heuchera don’t mind being moved
Allow at least 18 month to full size but you’ll know that from your others.
Hope this helps
Kind regards Vicky

Heuchera Spring Trio (SKU18523)

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Book a visit to the nursery?

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Janet C

Is it possible to book a visit to the nursery
Janet C

Hi Janet
Yes of course we would live to see you
Its easy to do
Just goto our home page
If you scroll down you will see the ‘book a visit’ category (Vicky holding a Heuchera Sugar Plum 😀)
Read the the covid saftey bit then ..
Just pick your slot and add your name and email
Really easy!
Then we will look forward to welcoming you to our working nursery 😀
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Sugar Plum’ (735)

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