a catalogue

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M. Francesca grant

Please could you tell me have you a catalogue that you send by post, if possible. thank you.

Hi Francesca
Sorry we don’t have a catalogue
Only online
I am so sorry its too expensiyou these days
Kind regards vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox

Planting advice

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Charlotte R

I have bought 2x tiarella sky rocket, 2 x strawberries and cream and 1 x silver gum drop.

Please can you advice on how to prepare the soil to plant (I am a novice!) Shall I use a mix of manure and ground soil to prep and then use compost around the plant?

Also do you think the sky rocket would do ok under the total shade of a yew tree?

Thank you for your help!

Hi Charlotte
Yes that sound great (not too much manure as it can burn the roots )
All Tiarella and lime green heuchera and heucherella are great in shade.
Just make sure they aren’t swamped they do need air and light even though it shade
Kind regards vicky

Heuchera ‘Silver Gum Drop’ PBR (SKU18323)

Vicky and Richard Fox

no question, just praise

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Penny C

Just wanted to say that I was very impressed with my first order. Not only did they arrive earlier than expected but they were beautifully packed and look very healthy. I normally buy from Crocus (who also supply RHS plants) but you can match them for care and health of plants. Will certainly buy again.


Aww thank you Penny that’s lovely to hear!
Thank you for taking the time to send this.
Our customers mean a lot to us, as do the plants we sell as we grow everyone of them.
Thank you once again
Kind regards vicky

Heuchera ‘Wild Berry’ (SKU18409)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Thank you /nursery visit

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Christina P

I just wanted to say thank you for the plants I ordered which arrived a couple of weeks ago. They were so carefully packaged up and all the plants looked so healthy. They have done well so far in our front garden adding colour beautifully. Looking forward to them becoming more established!
Thanks again – I look forward to visiting your nursery in person when we are able! Christina

Hi Christina
Thank you so much always lovely to hear that your happy with you plants and they arrived safely.
This summer we are open ATM by appointments only to keep it safe for all.
You can book appointment an online on the website home page when your ready to visit.
Something we can’t normally do at this time of year due to show commitments.
So maybe we will see you in the future
Happy gardening

Heuchera ‘Wild Berry’ (SKU18409)

Vicky and Richard Fox

What do I do with tiarella after flowering?

This question was asked by
Myra M

When tiarellas have finished flowering do I cut back flowers and leaves for new leaves to come or only flowers?
A very short reply will do. I know you’re busy.

Hi Myra,
You can do either ..
If its tatty just chop all flowers and foliage
If it only the flowers that are spent just take them off.
It should re-flower again after flowering give it a quick feed
Hope this helps
Kind regards vicky

Tiarella ‘Pink Sky Rocket’ (691)

Vicky and Richard Fox