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Kirsty S


What is your delivery time at the moment on heucheras? They would be going to Edinburgh, and what do you charge for delivery?

Thank you,


Hi Kristy
During these unusual times whilst demand is high …
Delivery is 1 to 2 week depending on volume of orders.
There only Richard and I and we can only do so many in a day!

We have a special shipping offer on at the moment until 30th April 2020
Shipping is £6.95 for 1 to 5 plants and over 6 plants its £5.00 UK main land only NOT highlands and islands!

Vicky and Richard Fox


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Mrs susan B

Hello I am contacting you to see if you are still delivering your plants please?
Look forward to hearing from you.

Hi susan
Yes we are you can order online
Hope that helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’

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dear people,

is there any way to filter the “out of stock” items?



Hi Frances
Sorry its annoying you search and we completely understand that is why we set up the quick shop.
Tells you what’s available and only what’s available.
You can click the plant name and it takes you to all the pictures and info you need to decide if you want it or not.
To save you time just click the link below this will take you straight to it can book mark it on your computer to find it in future or just look at the top tabs on a computer or laptop (not if your using a mobile phone) click To open it.
Hope this helps
Kind regards vicky
Quick shop link

Vicky and Richard Fox

Out of stock plants

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Please could you tell me when would you expect to get your out of stock plants back in ? Thank you Linda

Hi linda
Plants are potted and growing all the time ..but there will never be all the plants ready at the same time
Our nursery isn’t big enough its only 1 acre and there is just the 2 of us growing and selling everything!
If you see some you want best to buy it straight away as things are selling so fast!
Its a very unusual year too
We can’t plan much at all!
Hope that helps
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Thomas’ TM (Fox series) (1220)

Vicky and Richard Fox