When will all the plants be ready at the same time ?

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David I

I note that you currently have lots of plants ‘out of stock’. Is this because it is February. i.e. will most of these come back into stock later in the year, and when is that likely to be. i.e. April.

Thank you.

Hi David
We never have all the plants ready at the same time its impossible for us as a small nursery.
If you look at Everything in stock tab at the top under the banner all those are available to order now.
More plants will become ready weekly throughout the year.
From April onwards we will get more.
Please bear in mind while some become ready others may sell out! ..sadly I can’t say as I l’ve no idea what you all want to buy?
Its a tricky one
All can say is don’t wait for all to be ready at the same time as it doesn’t often happen for many people ..we do out alternative plants if there are any, which are sometimes very similar
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Pauline’ TM (Fox series), Heuchera ‘Thomas’ TM (Fox series), Heuchera ‘Sugar Berry’ (SKU18291)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Plant enquiry

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Gary W

Dear Sir / Madam,

From the heucheras and heucherellas that you stock, do you sell any that are resistant the rust disease please?

Thank you and kind regards,
Gary Wilkinson

Hi Gary
Its Heuchera specific so any Heuchera can get it, Heucherella less so as they are part tiarella
Tiarella don’t get it at all.
Kind Regards

Heucherella ‘Catching Fire’ PBR (SKU18325)

Heucherella ‘Catching Fire’ PBR (SKU18325)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Advice on heucheras for sunny spots

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Sue K

Hi. I bought some lovely Heuchera from you last year including the marvellous Lipstick, and would like to get some more for a new border which is especially for bees. It is very sunny and I’m not sure which – if any – Heuchera would be best. I’m flexible on colour but it is quite a large space and I want the plants to be happy. I live in Dorset with sandy soil so not too cold in the winter (except this one!!) All advice gratefully received even if it’s that Heuchera not a good choice. Would prefer you to email me if that’s ok. Many thanks Sue

Hi Sue
Sorry for kate reply ..where the time go?!
Any Heuchera red, black, purple, silver and most but not all orange are good for sunny positions.
No Heucherella or Tiarella for sunny positions.
If you look at ‘plant information’ on each plant (at the bottom of the product page) it does tell you the best aspect as well just incase your unsure.
We recommend adding a little fibrous material if its very sandy, such as leaf mould etc as this will help to keep a bit of moisture in the ground during the summer,
They love well drained so thats no problem.
Hope this helps

Kind regards Vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox