Coach Access

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M. Mccarthy


We have been asked by a group that would like to visit for a price for a coach. Please can you confirm whether we can get a coach to you or what alternative arranemetns there are? It is a small coach 35 seat – 9m in lenth.

Many thanks


Hi Max
Thank you for your enquiry
In the past we have had large coaches drop at the front then park in a lay by about 1 mile away.
We can get 7 1/2 ton lorries into the drive comfortably so you might be ok.
Its a double drive, the lane is narrow which can be an issue for long vehicles.

If they are coming they need to book a slot with us and arrange a price.
We are not open all the time only open days and by prior arrangement.

Hope that helps if you need any further info please just ask

Kind regards vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox

Why can I only order 1 plant?

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Annice M

Why can I not order more than 1 plant of a geum?

Hi Annice
Was it Geum Flames of Passion?
If its that variety we only have 1 left until spring, when we will have more.
Some of the other Geum’s are still available in quantities
Hope that helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox