Telephone number to book a visit to the nursery

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Ken S

Please tell us your phone number so that we can make an appointment to come and buy a plant.

Hi Ken 

We do have an appointment system online 
Where between 1 to 6 people can book a visit in a time slot when we know we will be around for you 

Link below

Also we have an open day on 
The 17th June here are still some places to book for the morning.
We take booking as the parking can get really bad we limit spaces.
This has coffee and cake too 
When you book this, you pay £5.00 but that’s refundable again any purchases 

Here the link

Our telephone number is 01270 820335 often we dont asnwer the phone as it doesnt work on the nursery ..
You can leave a message if you would like.
We can take a few days to get back to you though due to show commitments. 

We’re are only a husband and wife team no staff to pick up calls sadly 

Hope this helps 

Kind Regards Vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox