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Heuchera rave on

This question was asked by
Lenka P


Are you going to have heuchera rave on in stock this spring? If so is it possible to pre-order it?
Thank you

Hi Leka
We have rave on almost ready on the nursery
We don’t do pre ordering as it can cause problems if anything happens to the plants etc
So if you go to heuchera Rave on and add your email to the ‘ Tell me when ready’ button I will send you an email as soon as the plants are available online.
If you order straight away you will be able to get them.
Hope that helps
Kind regards


Heuchera ‘Rave on’ (392)

Vicky and Richard Fox


This question was asked by
Marion P

I am interested in some of the black heucheras, of which the majority is out of stock. I am wondering if there is a general date that more are avaible again. Can you be more precise then ‘spring’? would then wait and order all together. Thanks

Hi Marion
I am sorry that we don’t have many at the moment.
We do have some lovely heuchera Prince available now see attached link.
We dont buy our plants in, we grow them they are all grown cold , so everything very much depends on the weather!
So spring is a good as I can say at the moment really.
In the past we we have given months but then if it doesn’t happen customers get cross with us …so sadly this is how we do it now .
I am hoping for April but I can’t be sure when as they’ve just given really cold weather out again for next week.
The days are getting lighter and longer so that always helps speed things up.
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

How many trailing heucherella will I need for a 12 – 14 basket?

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Hi I am looking to plant up a 12-14 inch hanging basket how many trailing Heucherella would I need.

Also when would be best to reserve some plants to collect at the Harrogate flower show.

Hi Richard
Thanks for your enquiry
Three plants should be fine
If wanted you could put 5 but 3 would be enough really.
Order whenever you want don’t leave it too long as they might get sold
I will put them on one side to take to Harrogate for you
Kind regards

Heucherella ‘Plum Cascade’ (SKU18317)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Heuchera for a grave

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Anne K

I should like to plant a grave space with heuchera.
The space is 136cm x 136cm
It faces east, and gets quite a lot of sun, it is reasonably well sheltered, the soil is good and well drained.
The space is boarded by a headstone with a stone border of about 15cm height on the remaining 3 sides.
I should like all year round colourful plants, bee friendly,that will grow over the years and fill the area.
Please could you advise and give prices.

Hi Anne
Thank you for your enquiry
You will need to totally fill the area 16 plants
Go for plants that love full sun
Such as some mid green, red, orange, black, purple stronger leave colour take more sun
Paris green (that one loves the sun or part shade )
Red sea
Tangerine wave,
Forever purple
Metallic shimmer
To give you an idea
The price are on the web
Discounts start at over 100 plants
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Red Sea’ (SKU18249)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Heuchera Purple Petticoats

This question was asked by
Amanda E


Please could you tell me when you might be getting this Heuchera back in stock?

Many thanks

Hi Amanda
Thank you for your enquiry
Yes we will be having purple petticoat and they should be ready around begining to mid April
I only will have a limited number so when they are gone they are gone !
If you want to add yourself to the ‘tell me when available’ list just click the box and add your email on the product
Hope this helps
Kind regards
Heuchera ‘Purple Petticoats’ (574)

Vicky and Richard Fox