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Choosing a variety of heuchera for full sun

This question was asked by
Sarah M

Having recently moved to a house with a garden consisting of lawn, I am looking for a variety of heuchera that would form a border along the front edge of the front lawn adjacent to a pavement. About 10m in length. It is south facing, the soil is well draining and good for growing. I would like a plant that has a good size and has perennial foliage. I would prefer good foliage and larger leaf size – rather than flowers. Do you have any recommendations?

Hi Sarah
Thanks for you enquiry
The 3 that spring to mind are heuchera Tangerine wave, Red Sea and Prince
All grow to around 18inches across
They would do well in your situation we think
If you go online and each on (go into more info by clicking photo) you will find all about each one
All these are available now
If need any more please just ask
Kind regards

Heuchera ‘Tangerine Wave’ TM (Fox Series) (937)

Vicky and Richard Fox

Stock and are you doing Cardiff?

This question was asked by
Stephen J

When will you have Heuchera stock? Many varieties seem to be unavailable. Are you attending the RHS Cardiff show this year? Thanks

Hi Stephen
Stock are coming ready all the time.
There is never a time when we have everything ready at once as there are too many varieties for us to handle at once.
We grow all we sell, so weather conditions, us doing potting on time etc all change things, there is only Richard and I doing everything !
Every plant does say when I expect it to be ready if you click the picture and look at more info.
We are not doing Cardiff this year as Richard has had an operation and is out of action another 4 weeks yet.
We are doing all other shows in events list, including malvern which might be close if you were going to Cardiff
Hope this helps
Kind regards
Ps some varieties have been added this morning

Vicky and Richard Fox

Plant size and P&P

This question was asked by
Elizabeth H

Please can you tell me what size your plants are. Also post and packing costs
Thanks Liz

Hi Liz
Size of plants are 1 litre in the main (it does tell you on every single plant what size you are buying when you click picture some are 9cm but not many (just depends on time of year )
Postage and packaging for UK main land and Scottish low lands is £9.95 for any amount of plants
We don’t make anything from the P&P it all goes to the courier in most cases !!
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

Are Heuchera safe in the garden regarding dogs

This question was asked by
Colin E

Have for the first time in our life acquired a dog.
Wanted to order some Heuchera but not sure whether they are ok and safe with regard to our dog.
Are you able to let us know please

Colin Earp

Hi Colin
How lovely ..Great company and fun 🙂
Heuchera, heucherella and tiarella are not poisonous
You can keep enjoying your heucheras and not worry about you dog
Happy gardening
Kind regards

Vicky and Richard Fox

Heucheras for full sun

This question was asked by
Stuart C

Would like you to recommend a collection (about 6 plants) of heucheras suitable for containers in full sun and when to order them.

Hi Stuart
If wanted you could pick the pack below… get them at a discount and just add in notes what they are for.
Then when choose them we will bear that in mind.
Remember it would be our choice.
Otherwise go for colours such as red, orange, black silver and purple, as they love the full sun.
You could also use the search facility as search for sun loving heucheras
The mixed box could be shipped early next week
Hope this helps
Kind regards

Mixed starter pack x 6 different Heucheras – Suitable for sun (770)

Vicky and Richard Fox