I have just found that I have a pot of lovely heucheras which are being eaten by vine weevil grubs .

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Julie M

I bought several Heuchera from you at Chatsworth Show.
They have vine weevil grubs and some other very fine white worm things in the compost.
I have taken the plants from their pot, soaked them in water overnight – which has left the grubs floating in the water.
I have got rid of the compost also. Can the plants be saved???? Thanks Julie

Hi Julie
That’s so annoying, isn’t it?
Just check that there are no vine weevil grubs in the roots
Sometimes, they burrow in and stay there.
Just to make sure it doesn’t happen again.
Soaking in water is a good idea as they don’t like it.
They will be fine to replant and should grow healthy again.
Make sure you wash the pot out, too, as well as replacing the compost.
They should be beautiful again as long as you get all the vine weevil.
We check all our at this time of year and do just what you have done
Hope that helps
Kind Regards Vicky

Vicky and Richard Fox